In December of last year I wrote an article called Is Gold To $2,200 And Beyond Achievable?

Today gold is $2,204 dollars.

Here was my key chart:

This is what actually happened:

Not bad if I may say so myself.

So next stop $2,600? I think so but that doesn’t make it fate. Simply put, as per the last article, if it breaks up, $2,600 is where it is highly likely to end up. You have the road map for that. If it sticks to the route it’s a good sign it will go the whole way.

If you want a long road map, and a more aggressive one, here it is:

It is of course years long and many want to hit it big and want to hit it now. Sorry, gold is a slowcoach and the dollar isn’t going to crash and burn but that’s good news.

Anyone who wants to be laughing in the face of apocalypse sat on a hill of gold should actually pray they are wrong. The ground is full of buried gold put there to protect the owners from a disaster that did happen, that the prepper never got the opportunity return and pick up.

Happily we are unlikely to experience a Weimar moment but gold holders are also highly likely to able to be smug with a nice return. Anyone who wants to play with fire should go for crypto, and gold isn’t that. Instead it’s going to be a solid investment in the next few years as it heads off to a series of new all-time highs. And for the sake of disclosure, yes I do have quite a bit of gold exposure.

Disclosure: I have a position in gold.

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