Our research shows that nearly half of Americans (49%) have felt a negative impact on their mental health because of their finances. Is that you? We’ve been there. It sucks.

Or maybe you aren’t really stressed about money, but you also aren’t really confident either. We’ve been there too. Second-guessing our decisions. Wondering what the heck to do next.

No matter which camp you’re in, you’ve probably wondered, There’s got to be some way to get better at all this money stuff. Well, there is. Seriously! It’s called Ramsey+.

What Is Ramsey+?

A Ramsey+ membership gives you exclusive access to the courses that teach you how to take control of your money—and the tools you need to make it happen. With resources like Financial Peace University and the premium version of EveryDollar, you’ll pay off debt fast, save for emergencies, spend wisely, and invest in your future.

Think about other memberships you join because you’ve got a goal. To get healthier, you go to Noom or Headspace. To learn and grow in a skill, you join MasterClass. To streamline or simplify your life, well, that’s Amazon Prime. These memberships offer what you need to make your goal a reality.

That’s what Ramsey+ does . . . for your money goals.

Now, let’s talk about exactly what you’ll get and exactly how you can use it.

What’s Included in Your Ramsey+ Membership?

When you sign in to your Ramsey+ membership, you’ve got a wealth of benefits at your literal fingertips. Here’s the highlight reel before we break down the details:

  • Financial Peace University
  • The Premium Version of EveryDollar
  • 20+ Hours of On-Demand Money Courses
  • Exclusive Livestream Access
  • Free Audiobooks
  • Savings and Debt Payoff Tracker
  • And More!

Financial Peace University    

Almost 10 million people have learned the right way to manage money—and it’s not magic or luck. It’s Financial Peace University (aka FPU). This nine-lesson course teaches you how to walk the Baby Steps (aka the proven plan to saving, paying off debt, and building wealth) and thrive in personal finance basics like insurance, wise spending, real estate and mortgages, and even outrageous generosity.

These tried-and-true principles are what Dave Ramsey’s been teaching for over 25 years. And. They. Work.

As a Ramsey+ member, you can take FPU in a few different ways: Join an in-person or virtual group to connect with others, or go through the lessons at your own pace—from the comfort of your own couch.

One thing you won’t get from FPU is a bunch of confusing financial blah blah blah everyone else dishes out. FPU gives you the money info you need and actually makes it fun to learn about finances. Practical advice that’s also entertaining? Yes, please and thank you.

The Premium Version of EveryDollar

But how do you put all that knowledge into practice? Budgeting.

So, we’ve got this wonderful budgeting app called EveryDollar. And when you level up to Ramsey+, you unlock the premium version of EveryDollar.

What does this premium version hold? Only some of our favorite budgeting features ever. Features that make it easier and more efficient to build good budgeting habits you can actually keep up with. Features like . . .

Connect EveryDollar to your bank so transactions stream straight in to your budget. You just drag and drop them to the right budget line. Don’t worry about forgetting transactions or typing them in wrong. It’s faster. It’s more accurate. It’s freaking incredible. 

Do your money habits line up with your money goals? With budget reports your income and your spending totals, trends and breakdowns, you’ll know the answer to that question!

money icon

Pay off debt fast and save more money with Financial Peace University.

This is a chance to get real—with yourself and your spending. Then you can make the changes you need to reach your goals faster, smarter and better than before.

This one is for the extreme budgeters—we see you. Here’s another premium feature: a downloadable spreadsheet of your transaction history. Just hop over to the desktop view of your budget and look for the link that says Download as CSV. Click and enjoy.

No more overdraft fees or pre-payday panic attacks. With this premium feature, you can sort your expenses based on due dates to make that cash flow smoothly between paychecks.

The premium version of EveryDollar notices trends in your tracking. Does that coffee shop expense always go to your personal spending line? Does your favorite taco truck go to restaurants? You’ll start seeing recommended tracking based on past spending. Just plop that transaction to the recommendation and save some serious scrolling time.

20+ Hours of On-Demand Money Courses

You’ll get the basics and the deep dives with all the other courses in Ramsey+. You can watch Budgeting That Actually Works to find out how to, well, make a budget that actually works for you in your stage of life.

Or check out our Ramsey Classics, including a 2008 throwback Financial Peace University lesson on the power of negotiation and getting the best deal.

And those are just two examples!

You can be confident with your money. No matter your past. No matter your income. These courses teach you how. 

Exclusive Event Replays

A Ramsey+ membership also gets you free access to the replays of awesome livestream and in-person events. Like what, you ask?

Like the Money & Marriage livestream, where Rachel Cruze and Dr. John Delony help you and your spouse get on the same page with money—and with life!

And 2023’s sold-out Smart Conference, one of our in-person events that features powerful financial and life lessons from several of our Ramsey Personalities.

These are some of the offerings in Ramsey+ right now, and more are on the way.

Free Audiobooks

This is a big deal. When you’re a Ramsey+ member, you get access to our Ramsey audiobook library. For. Free. That’s a $300-plus value on its own!

Savings and Debt Payoff Tracker

Stay on target and on fire with our interactive tracker that makes it fun to track your money progress. It’ll give you that extra oomph to destroy your debt and save faster than ever. Because you’ve got what it takes. You just need to keep moving!

Other Ramsey+ Member Exclusive Benefits

  • A Free One-on-One Coaching Session
  • Free Federal E-filing With Ramsey SmartTax
  • 20% Off Your Will With Mama Bear Legal Forms
  • The Know Yourself Money Assessment Tool
  • And More Coming Soon . . .

If I Already Took Financial Peace University, How Can Ramsey+ Help Me?

Yes, the lessons in Financial Peace University lay the foundation—but if you’ve already taken it, you can 1) rewatch the course if it’s been a while, 2) rewatch one of the lessons as a refresher, or 3) enjoy all those other benefits we listed. Because here’s the thing: You should be budgeting every single month, taxes are due every year, new livestreams come out on the regular . . . you get the picture.

Also, we can’t say enough about Know Yourself, Know Your Money—the course and audiobook inside Ramsey+. If you’ve taken FPU, this content brings a new angle to the timeless money principles we teach as you discover why you handle money the way you do. 

In other words, Ramsey+ still has plenty to offer you no matter if you’ve seen FPU once or 100 times.

What Are the Ramsey+ Pricing Options?

Ramsey+ has three different pricing options so you can do what’s best for your budget:

  • Three months for $59.99
  • Six months for $99.99
  • 12 months for $129.99

All of these start with a 14-day free trial—which brings us to our next question.

How Does the Ramsey+ Free Trial Work?

When you click to start a free trial, you’ll set up your account and get instant, full access to Ramsey+. And. All. The. Things.

You can totally cancel anytime during your free trial. Or don’t. Keep that Ramsey+ goodness coming by keeping that membership alive and well.

So, there’s your breakdown of what Ramsey+ is, but you’ll honestly have a way better idea of it if you jump into that free trial and see for yourself. It’s time to start surfing through all the benefits and classes a Ramsey+ membership has to offer you.

Hey, if being stressed about money is normal, then maybe it’s time to be weird. Stop feeling the stress and start making real progress with your money. You can do this. You just need to take the first step.  

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